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In 2013, Marjorie moved from France to San Francisco, the city of her dreams and the place that always felt like a second home. She has always been inspired by how creative and ambitious people are in California. She loves living in the tech capital of the world where there is an innovative solution for pretty much everything.


She has worked at disruptive, billion-dollar corporations such as eBay and Restoration Hardware as a digital merchant.


In 2016, she said “oui” and married her husband Devang. Early 2018, she was pregnant with their first son, Armaan, a name chosen to honor their French-Indian marriage. 


Once the motherhood journey started, Marjorie encountered many wardrobe malfunctions while breastfeeding or didn’t like how most clothes fitted her postpartum body. She often felt too warm and uncomfortable in most of her clothing as 80% of her nursing apparel and breastfeeding friendly styles were made of polyester and weren't breathable. Adding a warm snuggly baby to that situation often resulted in a sweaty mess when nursing. She couldn't understand why it was a struggle to find breastfeeding-friendly clothing with breathable fabrics that actually looked good at a time when you can find pretty much everything online. 

I created Choix for mothers to not have to trade their style for functionality & comfort.

In the early weeks of having a baby, it’s often a struggle to leave the house and when you do it, feeling good about how you look is therapeutic. But Marjorie thought that fashionable options for breastfeeding mothers and postpartum bodies were limited. She didn’t want to trade her style for functionality or comfort and felt like retailers didn’t believe that moms could be stylish too while doing the important job of feeding bébé

And Choix was born. When her baby turned 6 months, she enrolled in a program to learn how to build a sustainable fashion line. It's important to her to create something in ways that minimize and reduce the damage this industry has on Mother Earth.




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